As an aspiring Lucid Dreamer, you know you need to do reality checks on a consistent basis. You also know that you’ll have a better chance if you integrate these into your current daily routine.

If you’re in front of a computer like many people these days, I’ve found a tool that you can use to remind yourself to do reality checks that integrates right into your browser. It’s a free Google Chrome extension called “Momentum.” It’s marketed as a productivity tool, but you can also use it as an opportunity to remind yourself to do a reality check.

Every time you open a new browser tab, you’re inspired with a new beautiful photo that greets you by name. You can type in whatever you want to focus on for the day and it will show this item each time you open your browser. As an example of a trigger for a reality check you might focus on something like “Am I awake?”, “Am I dreaming?” or more simply “Time for a Reality Check”.

This extension shows the time, weather, an inspirational quote and contains a simple todo list application as well.

Did I mention that the interface is laid over some of the most inspiring photographs of nature? A recent study suggests that just looking at nature can help your brain work better. Give it a shot and let us know if it helps your lucid dreaming endeavors.

Download and use Momentum to remind yourself to do reality checks. Available on the Google Chrome Store.