Dream signs are recurring dream elements or cues that show up in your dreams. Soon you’ll recognize these signs that they will become triggers that alert you that you are dreaming.

Dream signs can be anything: People, places, things, or reoccurring themes. Again this is training for your subconscious to recognize that you are dreaming.

Dream signs are elements from your dreams that you should note in your dream journal. As you go through your dream journal, highlight or make a note on each dream sign. I typically write “DS” with a circle around it so I can find them easily.

I then have a page called “Dream Signs” at the back of my journal. I write all the dream signs I’ve noted with the number of times I’ve come across that dream sign. Here is an example:

White Wolf……..10


Clock with 11:11 as time..2

By reviewing your list of dream signs you are training your subconscious to look for them.

Dr. Stephen Laberge covers these in his book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

He identifies 4 categories of dream signs.

  1. Inner Awareness
  2. Action
  3. Form
  4. Context

As a personal note, context is the type of signal that tips me off that I’m dreaming. I’ll often find myself in a situation that just doesn’t make sense where I question what is going on and tell myself “Wait a minute, I must be dreaming.”  One time I remember I was flying around an ancient city and I didn’t realize I was dreaming until I was “mid-flight”.

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