Description: Lucid Dreaming Documentary – Conscious Dreaming – follows the journey of three beginners as they immerse themselves in the world of lucid dreaming. With the help of experts, they will use a unique method designed to help achieve lucidity, such as practices done in the waking state, meditation, and mobile apps. The ideas and practise behind lucid dreaming and consciousness are dissected by leading experts in the UK, such as Dr. Keith Hearne, Charlie Morley, Caroline McCready and Susan Blackmore. This documentary stands as a well rounded introduction to anyone new to lucid dreaming, and can inspire people to explore the potential of experiencing their own conscious dream.

Some prominent figures of the lucid dreaming community interviewed in this film:

  • Dr Susan Blackmore – Author of Consciousness: an Introduction
  • Dr Keith Hearne – Lucid Dreaming Researcher
  • Dr Rory Mac Sweeney – Creator of The Mutual Dream Experiment
  • Caroline McCready BA – Lucid Dreaming Teacher
  • Charlie Morley – Lucid Dreaming Teacher
  • Lorraine Murray – director Feel Good Therapies Ltd
  • Olga Richterova MSc – Transpersonal Psychologist
  • Stevie Williams RPSGT – Sleep Services Manager
  • Prof. Richard Wiseman – Creator of Dream:ON app