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How to lucid dream.

How to Lucid Dream

10 minute overview video on How to Lucid Dream using the WILD technique.

Video Keypoints

What is Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming vs Astral Projection
It can be scary knowing you’re in control
Lucid Dreaming has been proven by science
Occurs during REM sleep cycle
Astral Projection is harder to do than Lucid dreaming
Lucid Dreaming doesn’t require meditation or a healthy diet

How to lucid dream

Wild Technique – Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming
Step 1Start a dream journal – do this right when you wake up. This will help you define what is a dream and what is reality.
Step 2 – Find a way to remind yourself what is real & what isn’t. (Reality checks.) Count your fingers from 1 to 10 and then back again from the last finger to the first.
Step 3 – Reaffirm that you are awake. “I am awake”. Say this to youreself throught out the day.
Step 4 – Set alarm about 4-5 hours. Stay in bed, but stay awake. Close eyes, focus on breath.
Step 5 – Relax and dont’ fall back to sleep. Focus on that you want to lucid dream.
Step 6 – Fight urgest to move, reaffrim you will go lucid.
Step 7 – Focus on your 3rd eye. Your body shuts down to sleep, but your mind stays awake.
Step 8 – Let colors and images flow. Don’t get attached to them.
Step 9 – You will realize you are in a dream, stay calm and enjoy the experience.

…when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream.

Anamnesis – Episode 05 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Anamnesis – Episode 05 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Vera’s recurring nightmares get worse. Sean and Hannah find answers in their waking lives. Noah makes a startling decision.


An interview posted on Lucid Sage ( with the three co-founders of Finite Films, the creators of Anamnesis.

Anamnesis – Episode 04 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Anamnesis – Episode 04 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Vera takes the detective’s investigation into her own hands. Sean searches for Noah in the dream world. #AreYouAwake

Watch the short that inspired the web series:

The Nightmare – a documentary about Sleep Paralysis

Just came across this trailer for The Nightmare – a documentary about Sleep Paralysis. A subject we know can be really creepy and scary.

From the trailer, it looks to be a visual treat.

Documentary Synopsis

The documentary focuses on eight people suffering from sleep paralysis, a phenomenon where people find themselves temporarily unable to move, speak, or react to anything while they are falling asleep or awakening. Occasionally this paralysis will be accompanied by physical experiences or hallucinations that have the potential to terrify the individual. In the film Ascher interviews each participant and then tries to re-create their experiences on film with professional actors. – Wikipedia

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (such as an intruder in the room) to which one is unable to react due to paralysis, and physical experiences (such as strong current running through the upper body). One hypothesis is that it results from disrupted REM sleep, which normally induces complete muscle atonia to prevent sleepers from acting out their dreams. Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea; however, it can also occur in isolation. – Wikipedia

It appears that The Nightmare will be in Theaters June 5th.

Here’s a review from the guardian.

Anamnesis – Episode 03 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Anamnesis – Episode 03 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Sean fantasizes about Hannah in his lucid dreams. Detective Isaac Sterling pays Vera an unwelcome visit. #AreYouAwake

Anamnesis – Episode 02 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Anamnesis – Episode 02 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Sean’s waking life can’t compare to the freedom of his lucid dreams. Hannah confides in her therapist. Noah’s sense of reality begins to unravel.

Anamnesis – Episode 01 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Anamnesis – Episode 01 – Lucid Dreaming Web Series

Hannah is unsettled by a violent dream about her boyfriend Adam. Noah has a strange encounter on the beach. #AreYouAwake

Lucid Dreaming Documentary – Conscious Dreaming

Description: Lucid Dreaming Documentary – Conscious Dreaming – follows the journey of three beginners as they immerse themselves in the world of lucid dreaming. With the help of experts, they will use a unique method designed to help achieve lucidity, such as practices done in the waking state, meditation, and mobile apps. The ideas and practise behind lucid dreaming and consciousness are dissected by leading experts in the UK, such as Dr. Keith Hearne, Charlie Morley, Caroline McCready and Susan Blackmore. This documentary stands as a well rounded introduction to anyone new to lucid dreaming, and can inspire people to explore the potential of experiencing their own conscious dream.

Some prominent figures of the lucid dreaming community interviewed in this film:

  • Dr Susan Blackmore – Author of Consciousness: an Introduction
  • Dr Keith Hearne – Lucid Dreaming Researcher
  • Dr Rory Mac Sweeney – Creator of The Mutual Dream Experiment
  • Caroline McCready BA – Lucid Dreaming Teacher
  • Charlie Morley – Lucid Dreaming Teacher
  • Lorraine Murray – director Feel Good Therapies Ltd
  • Olga Richterova MSc – Transpersonal Psychologist
  • Stevie Williams RPSGT – Sleep Services Manager
  • Prof. Richard Wiseman – Creator of Dream:ON app

Video: The Awesome Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Video: The Awesome Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

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